Thursday, July 09, 2009

Science and Math back in Malay?

I know I'm just a 15 year old student who has not even finished my studies yet, but I believe in this democracy country of Malaysia, I have the rights as one of the citizens to voice out my opinion.

I believe that the government's decision to revert the instruction of Science and Math back to Malay language is not quite a wise thing to do as this earth we are living now is fast-paced and everybody is struggling to gain more knowledge to make sure they aren't left behind.

How are we are going to compete with other countries if we are still stubborn in using our mother language to teach this subjects to our descendants while most of the latest and finest information in both these subjects are written in English? Do not compare us with the Japanese that are using their mother tongue... They may not use English but they have determination that no other races have. They will try to achieve what they want no matter what is resisting them.

In the past, infamous Japanese samurais and ninjas will perform a ritual called Harakiri or Seppuku in case losing a war or their honour. The spirit flows in their blood until today. That is why the Japanese achieve success even they don't use English in the instruction in both of these subjects.

If we look at our local universities, how many local scholars use Malay in their researches? If our universities can stand out on the top of the world, there is no problem in reverting the language of instruction of these subjects. But, the reality is not like that. Even the small country such as Singapore boasts its university as one of the top 100 universites in the world! And, the fact that their children are educated in English is another supporting stand to the government to reconsider the revert.

Wake up! I am not insulting the great minds of the government but this is the voice of one of the students among other millions who will be the heirs of this peaceful country.

We are those who are affected, we have the right to voice out disagreement, because one day we will replace the current leaders. Don't worry, the Malay language will not fade away... How is it going to fade if most of the children use Malay in their daily conversations?

Think again, Tan Sri...