Thursday, August 16, 2012

Future plans.

  Salam Ramadhan everybody. Alhamdulillah, Allah's grace with us this year, as always, and today we are blessed enough to still be given the chance to live and go though another Ramadhan, the month when the Hell's doors closed, and His Mercy is free for all. All you have to do is ask. Insya Allah, never there's a second He isn't listening to us, and His forgiveness is indeed the greatest love of all. Let's pray for His Mercy and redha, let's double our amal and may our Afterlife ends in Jannah, Amiin.
  As usual, my post always get published at odd times. Well, right now, it's only sometime before Subuh in my first Ramadhan away from home. Not really, if the times in school count, but I think I've never spent my real Ramadhan (the times when I was in Semenanjung, I was a little boy back then, therefore, half-day fasting was good enough) away from Sabah before, so this year's quite a new experience, berbuka puasa only after 7. Sabah prayer times is waaaaaaay much earlier, so, Maghrib is never after 7. Hopefully I will get used to it quick.
  Right now, it's almost two months at AAJ, and I'm fitting in. Schedules are packed,shukudais are stacked, and sleep is now no longer on my to-do list. Nevertheless, I'm loving the life here though I might complain a lot in my previous post and more posts to come. Seikatsu wa totemo isogashikute, kanji no benkyo wa muzukashii desuga, tanoshii desune.
  Okay, main point. My sensei told the class yesterday that AAJ has a program for second years that are about to fly to Japan , and it involves a lot of memories. Some time after the end of EJU, students will collect the things that remind them a lot about life at AAJ, and then they will put them in a time capsule. After graduating, AAJ calls them back, and these things will be unearthed, reminding them of the times here, where tears and sweat are dropped, where friendship and love are bonded, and dreams and visions are shared. Memories will soon take their place in everyone's hearts, remembering the hardship everyone had gone through to finally smell Malaysian air once again, after years walking on the land of the rising sun.
  I hope that day, I have had already fully matured, had already grown strong enough to face this world, and had already decided on my life course. Right now, I have several future plans that would need a lot of thinking and revising, and I'm still haven't made up my mind yet. Studying Japanese for a while now, my passion for this language rekindled,after I doused it off a couple of years ago because of my interest of going to UK and pursuing a medical career; seeing myself in this current situation resolved the desire a whole lot, and now I think I wanna be a Japanese Language teacher. Doesn't sound pretty bad, huh?
  I don't know whether if this sudden change of ambitions is caused by my indecisive personality or the extrovert guy in me. A teaching job involves a lot of speaking and social interactions, and I had always been marked by my teachers because of non-stop talking, even in exam halls ( by the way I'm having my exam now ) and libraries; as long as I'm in company of the right people, whom are willing to listen to my rants, nonsense and sometimes "tazkirah". Bahaha.
  But they always say, do what you love to do. Conficius (?) once said, "if you do the things you love for a job, you'll never have to work for the rest of your life". I hope you guys will choose what are you gonna do in this near future real careful too, so we all can live a life with no regrets.
  Aidilfitri is coming near, so I'm taking this chance to wish all my readers Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. May our amals are all accepted by Allah, the most Merciful Forgiver. And I'm sorry too, if somehow I had hurt your feelings, or took your haq someway. Let's all pray for another chance to meet Ramadhan next year. Aamiin...
 #Tak balik Sabah tahun ni so I'm gonna be a little sad. But still I can call you guys anytime kan?

# Seriously, I think my writing style is too feminine. Isn't that so?