Friday, December 30, 2011


    Hey there. New year is coming up, and I've been so much in 2011 mode, I don't feel it's coming to get us. 2012 has been such an enigmatic number this year, with all the claims that it's going to be the end of the world.
    Next year's going to be a whole new experience because it is the first time ever I'm going to celebrate new year without having to worry about school. No more classes and waking up early to school, and no more uniforms, school anthems, long and boring assemblies at the beginning of the year, homeworks and most importantly, green pants. Not having all them makes me eager to step into a new year, but that also means I will have nothing much to look up for next year, since going to school had made up most of my past years' agenda.
  So, I hope that this new year will give me the chance to learn new things, gain better experience and progressing to be a better Mohammad Ramdzuanny Bin Musram Rakunman. I haven't set any specific resolutions yet, but there's one thing I want to improve: my writing skills. Insya Allah I'll be a better writer, and continue to write better things and thoughts.
  Happy New Year everyone. Have a vivacious 2012.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


   Hey there. Look at the post title. Know that stuff? Have you tried it before? If your answer is yes, be prepared for what I'm gonna write. If the answer is no, congratulations for being a person with a good common sense.

  First and foremost, what is actually planking? Look up for the definition in a dictionary somewhere, because I'm not gonna bore you with words. Here's a photo of it, at least. But for me, planking is playing dead by laying on almost anywhere, face down, while remaining stationary. To some of you fellas out there, this is the coolest thing ever. For me, it's one of the most nonsensical viral thing ever infected the world. Plankers seem to find much joy and sense of satisfaction by laying down on almost anywhere. The weirder the circumstances, the better the plank would be. And they post their pictures on the Internet for everyone to see. I don't know what fun planking can bring them, and let me redefine what actually you guys are doing: Putting your face on some surface that have been stepped by thousands of other people with their "clean" shoe soles and being proud of it. This is the thing that you have done when you plank on floors. But if you plank on other bizarre places, for me that means: You are telling other people that it's damn fun posing as a plank wood on poles and street lamps (YAY!). Get a hobby, man!

   Seriously speaking, planking can put you in deep shit. Examples include a young man from Brisbane, Australia who plunged to his death by planking on a seventh-floor balcony on 15 May 2011. Don't believe it? Click here, then. He was just 20 at that time. Pitiful period of life ended by the most unlikely cause. 7 doctors and nurses  of Great Western Hospital in Swindon, England planked on duty, and was consequently suspended. Somebody even got charged for planking on a police car. What is he going to answer when his friends ask what he did to bring some police after him? Playing dead on a cop car?

   Concluding this post, I would like to say : Enough planking guys. But, this is up to yourselves whether to heed this or not. I'm not actually anti-planking and I have no problems with plankers, and if you find this hobby suits you and you can be really happy with it, just continue. After all, everyone have their own thoughts as well. I have done a lot of stupid things myself that I thought was cool, to some other people, they may not look cool. I posted this just to share my own reasons why I don't plank.

 I want to apologize if I had hurt any plankers out there, and once again, this is just my thoughts on planking. Peace!