Thursday, November 04, 2010


Yeah,like the title suggests, collars suck.

The world has regarded this sheer extra cloth on your neck as the symbol of standard,formality,and elegance.

Why the heck did someone invented them?

It came to be the world phenomenon and as we can see, everybody is sweating their necks for the so-called 'formal style'.

Why can't we wear a collarless shirt to work?

I don't really think collars represent formality.

Why the heck Alain Delon invented round neck shirts for work if 3cm of cloth is needed for a 'right' look in the office?

And now, this stupidity is spreading to schools, where students are not allowed to go out of the hostel without wearing a collared shirt.And they told us,it is to maintain the image of an SBP student.

I'm asking you, what is the difference between a cloth measuring 1 meter and another one which is 1.3 meter long?Not much, isn't it?

So what does a 3cm collar do to put ourselves in higher standard than the 'ordinary school' students? And, why should we put them under our feet? Because they didn't excel in their UPSR or PMR?

This is a clear example on how discrimination occurs in our education system.
They make the good ones go better, and let the others getting worse.

Everybody deserves equal chance.