Sunday, December 23, 2012

A year's always a year. The difference is how long it seems to be.

Hi there. It's the end of the year again. Most of things happened quite the same like the years I've been through before, save for the fact that I would be 19 soon, after barely turning 18 in this month. (yeah, I'm one of those December kids.) This year's had been so hectic and rapid, frankly speaking, I haven't spent a year as fast as this before. Well, time sure flies, but, somehow, I think this year's experience is less valuable and memorable than those in years before this.

  It's surprising to find out that 365 days are always 365 days;but sometimes the moment seems too short or too long for us to live through. For me, 2012 is the shortest year of my life.  Though this year's supposed to be a turning point for me, but I keep feeling listless, unsatisfied with what I've done this year. So many things changed my life, but so much yet to be changed.

  Maybe it's because I miss my high school years too much that I keep feeling like this. It felt like I've just left school despite it's been a whole year since. The sense of belonging should have been long gone, but somehow, it won't leave.

  I think that's why most mangas tell stories set in high school. That is the only place where we grow through two stages of life: the end of childhood and adolescence. That is the place where most people found their first love, first learned the value of friendship, and first found the joy of being young. After that, growing up is boring and busy. More responsibility and issues to deal with, yet so little time given. I guess this is what means to grow up. Now I begin to understand why my parents, my teachers and so many people tell me to do this and that: they have been through the same things before and they made the same mistakes, but they want us to learn from it before we even do such things. Unfortunately sometimes life doesn't work that way.

  2013 is coming soon. Before that year unveils its curtains for us, let's scrutinize ourselves, look for the missing parts in our hearts, and fill them in next year. Or at least try filling them up.

   I wish for a time where I can finally celebrate a new year filled with afterglow of learning new life lessons. I hope years after this would be the ones teaching me the most.

  Have a blessed new year, everyone!