Monday, September 10, 2012

September is here, August is next, Then come October, Semester 1 final test =='

 Hey there. I'm sure most of kids my age are anticipating their results for the first semester exam, while I think matriculation colleges had already let the results out, most of my friends in foundation programs are still in the dark. Put that aside, what I'm gonna post is about final exam anyway.

  So, My exam is going to be on October, which the result is not as critical as compared to other students in different courses which requires them to get a 4.0 pointer or straight A or 45 points or whatever. Alhamdulillah my future university or daigaku, is decided through EJU results. So, that means, not so much pressure for the exams. The only consequence if I fail the exams, is not being able to advance to second year. And yet, the verdict is only made after combining results of first semester and the second, and as long as I pass, even if passing means at least a C; I still get the chance to go to Japan. Alhamdulillah, not bad, after tons of kanji and a lot of time restrictions which made college not so fun, I finally get something which lifts a load from my shoulders.

 Nothing much to post, aside from wishing my friends good luck for their exams. Buat betul betul tau.

Till next time guys. Haha.

Jangan stress exam ah. :)