Friday, November 30, 2012

Newton's Third Law

(This is not a post about the physics law, so if you are looking for online tutorials, you have come to the wrong place.)

Assalamualaikum. Hi there. It's been a since my last post. (Okay, here we go again with the usual same header for every blog post I make) I've been through quite hectic times these past few months, and as always, I'm just too busy to write. Or maybe I'm out of ideas. Whichever it is, my monthly update is one day overdue, I wrote no posts for November, and now we are back to December already. How fast time flies by, it's already been a year since I finished high school.

  Well, that's how things work don't they? They say time speeds up rapidly when we are having fun, so I can pretty sum up this year as a very good year with so much exciting things happening to me, and my favorite fellow blogger, Aliya Najiha has finally updated her blog! Hurrah! Kinda miss your posts , Kak Aliya. Haha. (Not sure if she will be reading this, but anyways)

  So on this day I spent some time with my father, he came to KL for a meeting and I take this chance to hang out(?) with my dad, and decided to miss the Jogathon at my college this morning. Felt a little bit "zannen" because it seems people were having so much fun and some of my friends and "sensei"s won places in the Jogathon, beating PASUM. Oh yeaaah. Hahaha. (No offense PASUMians) Then we went to mall, having coffees and talked quite a bit, when I voiced out some of my desires of having new gadgets. But the gadgets are now overpriced, and I gave up of looking for new things to add up to my collections. I was actually looking for a good phone to help with my Kanji studies, but I don't want an entire new phone, because I know I won't be using most of the functions anyway. (I know I'm pretty stingy at times like these)

 I told him I decided to give up,and he said to me: " I will buy it for you, but ask yourself first, do you really need this? If your studies plunged down drastically despite your maximum efforts, and you think this might help, then go and buy one.But seeing how are things going now, without these things, you still managed to cope well. When I was your age, my lecturer also discouraged me from using technologies, because soon too much technologies will turn you to a machine slave. See how cashiers today, when you ask them 'How much is it?' '2 ringgits' , then you pay 10 ringgits, they still need a calculator to calculate the change."

 The thought hit me, "Humans are capable to do extraordinary things when they have nothing to help." The tougher things get, the harder humans hit back. To me, it seems analogical to the Newton's third law. "Every action has an equal reaction."  I pondered a little bit, and let's try to think together, how on Earth, past scholars succeeded in pioneering breakthroughs without much assistance from machines? I sum up the answers as their perseverance and the condition they were in provided them a catalyst to reach greater heights and elevate their academic threshold to a greater limit. The harder it got for them to search for answers, the greater they became.

 To all my readers out there, don't ever ever give up when you are trapped in a cul-de-sac, when there is no way but only to turn back, but instead break through the walls, smash the obstacles, and spread your wings.

"A lethal sword will render useless in the hands of a blind man, an innoceint pen will be deadly in the hands of an assassin."

Till next post!