Friday, December 30, 2011


    Hey there. New year is coming up, and I've been so much in 2011 mode, I don't feel it's coming to get us. 2012 has been such an enigmatic number this year, with all the claims that it's going to be the end of the world.
    Next year's going to be a whole new experience because it is the first time ever I'm going to celebrate new year without having to worry about school. No more classes and waking up early to school, and no more uniforms, school anthems, long and boring assemblies at the beginning of the year, homeworks and most importantly, green pants. Not having all them makes me eager to step into a new year, but that also means I will have nothing much to look up for next year, since going to school had made up most of my past years' agenda.
  So, I hope that this new year will give me the chance to learn new things, gain better experience and progressing to be a better Mohammad Ramdzuanny Bin Musram Rakunman. I haven't set any specific resolutions yet, but there's one thing I want to improve: my writing skills. Insya Allah I'll be a better writer, and continue to write better things and thoughts.
  Happy New Year everyone. Have a vivacious 2012.

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