Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Love Poem by me. :)

" With you, months run and years so quickly gone,
 When we're apart, a day is just way too long.

 How much I miss you, I could not tell,
    Because words are barely enough for me to express it.
 Longing for you everyday feels like a living hell,
   My heart cries alone and no one can see it.

 I smile when your face appears in my mind,
   It won't go away till I could sleep for the night,
 I know how hard it is to forget you 'cause I've tried,
  Somehow you're still stuck here, in my heart, so deep inside.

 Maybe we are not meant to belong to each other,
   You love someone else whom I am no better,
 I could just watch and wish all the best,
   Be happy always my dear, with that someone else.

 Even you might not feel towards me the same way,
   Know that memories we made together are impossible to erase.
 Hear this, the girl I think about every night and day,
   I love you my dear, forever and always."
Ramdzuanny Musram

So, how do you guys like it? Comments, please! And, this one's copyrighted!

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