Thursday, March 17, 2011

Haha. Why HAHA?

Haha. Okay. Why did I suddenly renamed my blog? Cause I feel the previous name was uncool and it sounds nerdy. Hahahaha. It makes me look like someone that doesn't have any better ideas for naming his own blog. Well, now the blog has a new name, so let me tell you how did I got the idea to name it HAHA ;)

I need a new name that is original,not too long, and easy to remember. And... the name must signify the owner as well. In other words, the name must be connected to me somehow. After thinking for a while, I suddenly realised a habit of mine while texting or typing a message; that is typing 'haha' for no reason. Then, it struck me. Haha is a good name too. And because I laugh a lot, so why not?

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