Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things that I love about Sabah.

What's up? Well, another day, I guess. Haha. So, this is how I got the idea to post this tonight. I went to KK from my house in Beverly Hills, Penampang, boarding a bus to go there. Buses, as you Sabahans out there knew, stop at the Wawasan Terminal. So, to go to Center Point, you have to cross a busy road in front of the Wawasan Plaza. Yeah, just writing these down in case someone who doesn't know anything about KK reads this. So, as the road is the main pedestrian path to the other side of the road which CP and other malls are placed, thousands of KKians cross the road everyday. There are pedestrian traffic lights placed there, but nobody seems to care about the red lights. So,  I present to you, things I love about SABAH!

  • We jaywalk all the time.
  • We don't waste money paying information counter attendants. We know how to get around. Let the tourists find their own way.
  • We have a very versatile word to express a lot of things.BAH.
  • We help to ease the traffic by not using taxis as our main transportation.
  • And,that helps the environment too.Buses are more dominant here. That means a lot of carpooling.
  • Our BM is the best in terms of pronouncation. Baku bha BM Sabah!
  • Sabah helps the refugees from Philipines by letting them live here.
  • Unduk Ngadau bha sini tiap tahun!
So, that's all, maybe. Haha!

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