Friday, August 26, 2011

Another rant on education.

Well, I have just finished my trial, to tell my readers the truth, it's not that good. Though my teachers had gone through the trouble to give their students the topics we should study, my results are pretty much the same. Except for Chemistry, which went well, and Biology and Add Maths, which went not-so-well.

So, when I was discussing my Biology paper with my teacher, I noticed that a lot of my answers did not get marks because the answer scheme specified different criteria for the answers. Well, blame me for not studying, but the most annoying thing is when the way the question is asked does not reflect the answer it requires. The questions simply asked for an explaination, but did not specify in what way the examiner wants an explaination. The same goes for Add Maths, where I didn't get marks for my answer because I showed the steps required at wrong part of the question. The question I was answering was numbered b.ii. and 5 marks are allocated for the question. I got the answer correct, but I wrote the steps required to get 5 marks at the beginning of the question, which was part a.ii. , so I got only 1 mark out of ten.

In real life situation, it doesn't matter how do you get the answer, but  it's about as long as you get there. So, the education system is based on the answering techniques, not on the knowledge of students. That is why, Malaysia produces so much straight As students, but only small percentage of them are really capable to produce something different. The grading system is also a mess. "A"s were used to mark very distinguished achievements, but now, A means average. What you can do without a straight A result? The answer is struggling to find scholarships,pleading and begging for somebody kind enough to pay for your education.

So,enough for today. Maybe I don't have the solutions yet, but someday I will. And when that time comes, watch for my name in newspapers. Haha.

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