Saturday, October 06, 2012

Time tides.

I love to write. So much, that I felt some kind of disappointment when I knew that my course's English examination won't include compositions. It's quite terrifying to realise that having no compostion exams will decrease my chance of writing even further, as I'm  not the type to keep diaries. Even right now, I taking a lot more time to spell some extra long words and translating whatever in my mind into English than I used to in my high school years. Sad, isn't it?

  Then there's this blog, 1994's. It's a blog authored by various bloggers, and all of them write exceptionally well. How I wish I were in their group. Learning another language and struggling with my subjects seems like to deteriorate my English capability to a serious athropy now. Not blaming the situation, but now I really miss those days where studies were not much of a problem.How much time had changed my life.

It's October now.A month since the last entry. It's fascinating how time flies rapidly without even us noticing, but it leaves a lot of evocative impacts on our lives. Illustrating this, think back of the time when you guys meet or video chat with your old buddies whom you hadn't met in a long time. "Wah, dah kurus laaa..." "Eh, apsal kau dah gelap hah?" " Iiiiish,, makin lawa la aku tengok kau ni!" must be among the comments,right? Of course, "Tak ubah langsung!" are heard, but some things must've changed right? That happens to me, a lot of things changed. My schedule, nap-time, the way I spend weekends, and of course, the people that surrounds me. Cest la vie, mon ami. We have to cope with the ever-altering surroundings or otherwise, we might stay unimproved. Changes and challenges always improve something right?

  That said, let us take every challenge and change in our lives as a path, a path to cross to the other side of our lives which haven't been discovered yet.

" Experiences are not measured by the amount of time one had lived, but how many challenges one had braved."

Till next time, mata nee, minna!

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