Thursday, May 17, 2012

College life!

  Hey there. It's been a while since my last update(I'm getting used to this sentence) mainly because I don't have anything good enough to write. Well, I'm not the type of blogger that updates every minute, telling others my whereabouts or my plans or simply how my days had been. But today, seeing my blog is getting covered up by dust, I decided to write something.

I was in one group with Jerry Mclean. 
  This is not what I'm used to do, but I want you all to know that I've been called for JPA interview a little while ago. Finally, an interview! Yaaaaay~ :) It's been a crazy fight for scholarships among us SPM students, with most of the sponsors getting focused on the straight A+ students. I have my own opinion of our grading system in Malaysia, but let's not talk about it. I'm sure I will have the chance to discuss it later in a proper platform and make sure my thoughts will be the basis of a developing Malaysia.

  Besides JPA, University Malaya also offered me a place for a foundation program. So, if I failed to get chosen for JPA's Japan technical program, I still have UM to consider. That's good to hear, after several times being rejected by sponsors, finally I have an option which favours my side.

Offered to PASUM :)
  All that means, I am officially going through college life. No more uniforms, school anthems, fixed academic period, and a lot of things that secondary school has to offer. (which also means no more friendly batchmates like I used to have, and having one supercute girl in the same school) She's supposed to go to the same university too, but somehow she applied for another one because she doesn't want to get seperated from her sister. Most people who knows me will definitely know who is the girl in my story so keep quiet. Don't tell her I wrote this. Unless if it's YOU who read it yourself. Yes, you, who is always stuck in my head no matter how many issues we had and how many times we don't talk to each other. Still, I want you to know, I'm still loving you. Ceh. Jiwang pula tiba-tiba.

  Okay. I need you guys to always tell me to study hard, because this critical time is the point of no return. Flunk final exams, and my aspirations will glow dimmer than ever, because this may be my last chance to get a good education while I'm still young. Sure, I'll still have a lot of chances after this, but I don't to be the guy in his 30s still doing his college degree assignment. I need to stay focused, stay on track and stay faithful to be someone who will be able to transform his society.

  To all my friends also going through this chapter of their lives, good luck. Please don't stop to become my great friends and please don't forget who we are. Once a 0711, always a 0711. We may not have fancy batchnames like some schools do, but it's those memories that matter. Those in KML, don't get too carried away with the cheap stuff and things you can do there, and please study hard. Get 4 flat, and we'll meet soon  in some place with a lot to brag about to each other. Foundations students, maybe you guys don't get what you want to study, but remember, education is just a passport. Once you have qualifications, do whatever you want to do, because your papers enable you to do so. Interests and passion can be developed; it doesn't matter if you don't like engineering now, maybe you'll like it later. I'm a little frustrated with my friends who are too rigid and stubbornly reject a few good offers and chances simply because they say they don't like the subject. But it's your life anyway, I respect your choices, and do it your own way. Someday, prove me wrong guys, and say to me: "Sticking to your dreams doesn't hurt in the end."

Kan bagus kalau boleh tengok Menara Tokyo malam-malam.

JPA and MARA interview candidates, all the best to you, I truly hope that we all get that damned scholarship because it's so damn hard to get sponsored in times like these. Let's pray for each other :) And I reaaaallllly want to get the JPA scholarship. Yokoso Japan!

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