Tuesday, July 03, 2012


I read a post. A very good one indeed, telling a story about two awesome friends of mine, Syukri and Jerry. Narrated by Syukri, or as he likes it, Sung, he wrote about Jerry whom had always been his rival and how awesome these two guys were in school. To tell the truth, I am very much amused by them and I had been jealous of them because somehow, they are just damn smart. Just in case anyone wonders about the truth of the story, yeah, true that. I was a witness to their efforts to beat each other in exams.

  The story was truthfully written, except Sung did leave one last part. That missing chapter is : Sung, you cannot EVER leave out Ramdzuanny Musram from the rivalry. I admit defeat in high school years, but just you two wait. I'm gonna kick your asses someday! HAHAHAHA! (okay, that was over it) What I'm trying to tell here is I'm gonna fight harder and become stronger than before. But, please stay awesome as you guys  are already now. Wouldn't it be nice if someday we can meet up together and brag to each other on how damn good we were in college? I'm waiting for that day, for sure ;)

 Okay, I'm posting this because a lot of time had passed since my last essays, and I think I need to write something to stay sharp. Seriously, my English that I took years to improve had rotten since I've been stuck here in AAJ, most probably caused by the lack of conversations in English.(or too much Kanji?) English class is only held once a week, so I do not have much chance to communicate in English. I don't wanna be good in Japanese but losing my English over the years. So, here am I, blabbering once again.

 Ehemmm. I hope everyone whom reads this follows my updates, because I like to be watched. (Okay, I admit I'm an attention seeker) My previous post said that I went to JPA interviews and were still waiting for the result to come. Now, Alhamduliilah, as this post is written, I've been successful, and I have been studying at Ambang Asuhan Jepun, Universiti Malaya for 1 month now. Life had been tough, but this new phase is even tougher. Imagine 9 Kanji characters everyday to be learnt, and learning it today means you have to memorise and be able to write and read them the next morning, as we have a Kanji test every weekdays. Even that's still a blessing; our senpais had 12 Kanji to learn daily. Haha.

 Crammed with Japanese shukudai, pressed by boring science lectures, I have to say: I haven't been coping well. I sleep for at most 5 hours everyday, and I had been sleeping in many lectures because I'm such a heavy sleeper. Then, when the tutorials come, I don't know a damn thing. I was thinking to run away, but the love for Japanese language and the desire to build an Ironman suit kept me here somehow.

 In the midst of tiredness and laziness and the lack of motivation to remain an AAJ student, a way out opened its doors. Another scholarship offer. Coming from a well known private company in Malaysia, the offer offered me to do a financial course at UK. My preparations, as I was told, was only A-levels, which, in my thoughts, wouldn't be so hard, because the medium is English, and I will never encounter my much disliked subject ever, Mr.Physics. Allowances reach four figures in RM each month, besides being offered to do A-levels in one the most lustrous college in Malaysia, Kolej Yayasan UEM. Who would reject that?

 I was in dilemma, of course. At first, I was reluctant to leave, but after asking for friends' opinions and trusting my gut, I decided to go for it. I was gonna leave AAJ. Though sad to abandon my Japanese language studies and deleting the possibilities of founding a breakthrough in science fields almost entirely, I made the the decision. Consoling myself, I told my scared little heart, "Don't worry, you can learn Japanese anytime. The money's good, and the environment's better than UM." Job worries were thrown away from my mind, as the company guarantees employment after graduation;whilst JPA does not.

 I asked my aunt living here in KL to help pick me up on the night before the scholarship awarding ceremony, like most limited scholarships always have, and I packed some of my things. The event lasted for three days, so I'm gonna miss most of the lectures if I decided somehow to cancel the contract and go back to AAJ. That night was a point of no return.

I dragged my half-full suitcase on the road, headed out to wait for my aunt. Then what I guess as a divine intervention disguised in a phone call came. It was my dad.


 After chit-chatting with my dad, I went back to my room. Felt like a fool because some of my coursemates saw me leaving. Luckily no one asked much.

I said,

Sekarang ni Papi, saya nda tau apa mau buat. Saya pernah dengar orang cakap kalau dalam keadaan begini, dalam keadaan sudah buat solat istikharah semua, kalau masih belum dapat petunjuk, tanya ibubapa. Jadi sekarang saya tanya Papi, Papi mau saya stay mana?
The reply was,

JPA lah. Sebab saya ada kawan degree finance  UK juga, 15 tahun kerja baru boleh jadi boss
And a lot was said between us that night. So I stayed, believing in my father's words. Well, somebody did say trust your gut, but no matter how awesome we are, things won't work out well if our parents are not redha-ing our actions. Remember, Allah's redha is in our parents' redha too. If even the Merciful God's not on our side, I can't imagine how helpless can we be.

 The story is only beginning to take its course now, so I can't see where's this going yet. But, life is like book anyway, the climax will come sooner or later. Insya Allah this is the best for me, and I hope I will never stop believing in His perfect plans. Indeed Allah is the Greatest Planner.

I guess these guys will stay being my friends for these 2 years. Hihi :)

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