Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Grass is always greener on the other side.

For all that have been patiently following blog updates, congratulations for having an assertive personality. You guys made it through these hard times, despite blogs are going out of trend for young people, because people are more into Instagram now. Well, they said a picture speaks a thousand words, didn't they?

  Now I'm in my third week of holidays, as usual, holidays are stuffed with three times more homework than we usually have. Those teachers are so good in ensuring their students doesn't get any break from their books. I'm so damn proud of them. I have found no other group of people who are so dedicated in troubling our supposed-to-be carefree youth life. I've never been a diligent one since I entered high school and started to discover the beauty of procrastinating and the miracle of an all-nighter before an exam, so I really hate this homework thing, as we all do.

  As I spat out complaints and my disapproval of such a barbaric method to punish students, I realized that I'm not the only one with the same problem. Most teenagers my age face this kind of inner conflict everyday :   Games or that homework-handout-that-looks-like-a-volume-of-encyclopedia-but-somehow-still-have-HANDOUT-written-on-it. Insensible. Normal students, will yield to temptations and put the latter aside until an undecided date.

  Nevertheless, claims of AAJ being the busiest course still fills my Twitter timeline almost every time I surf the Net. Well, we do have a lot of insane homework and we do study from 8 to 6 daily, but tell me how that makes us different from other students. Argh. I really hate it when my rants are college-oriented, but I think this is better than some kids my age writing about politics and claim they know all about this country. Man, don't be an adult. We should talk about games, football, anime, cars, girls (?) like a normal pre-adult should.

  Okay, returning to the topic, what am I trying to point here is, I know kanji lessons are sleep-inducing and physics homework is nauseating, but please don't forget what we have here is just a little bit. Even matriculation students have it rougher than us. Imagine same class hours, with even tougher subjects and their future at stake. Sometimes I feel I don't deserve to complain. So I think all of us shouldn't too. All we have to do now is seize this chance and don't let those people who are counting on us down. Prove that despite our syllabus is quite backwards compared to other courses, we can still be on par with those from elite western universities after graduation,well, I know we can do it better.

  But I guess that's how humans are. No matter how much we have at possession, we always have that feeling of lacking something. We always feel people are way luckier than ourselves. We never stop to think and count our blessings but we always curse our fate for things we don't have. Competitiveness is a good trait but, isn't trying to have everything called greedy? Let's scrutinize our lives, and we may find something which is always there for us but we are so busy looking at the other side, we forget the grass is still growing at our own lawn.

  When we feel our lawn is not green enough,  remember that some people have no other than dirt and dried leaves.

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