Thursday, December 17, 2015

Keep your eyes open. Part 1 (working title)

It was around 8.00 pm. The moon in the sky shone brightly despite the noisy city lights, leaving only the lights from the stars remained masked.

A man, tall but not quite slender, was smoking a cigarette on top of the city's tallest building. Dressed in all white but his black boots, people could easily had him mistaken for a ghost if for once they tried focusing up the roof. People seemed to like this urban mystery stories; creepypastas and what not. But he is real. Even people tried to see him, it wasn't that they could have easily spotted him.
Sparkling lights from bars,shops and Christmas decorations pretty much blinded everyone on street level. The fact that everyone was also preoccupied with their phones or walking partners wasn't really making anyone looking up; a sad thing, given that the moon was extraordinarily pretty this particular night.

Stroking his chrome beard, he puffed out smoke that slowly dispersed in front of him. He took another puff, and turned to face backwards from his panoramic view of the city.

'Oh, didn't see you there.'

He said this while exhaling the thick smoke , making it looked like the words he spoke were spelled out by the reeking gas.

'You must be the new kid. We've got ourselves a pretty easy job today, lucky you.'

Turning again to face the whole city behind him, he pointed with his lips,
'Do you see the man in charcoal suit over there? No? Oh, that's right. Silly me. You just woke up today, did you not? It takes a little while to get used to the Vision.'

All these made no sense to the hearing ears. He motioned you to come closer, and handed you a long, black, metal sniper rifle, much to your surprise; you didn't see him carrying it around before.

'For now I shall be the Watcher and you, the Executor. Your job is to pull the trigger when I say so. Clear? Okay, hold this steady, aim; don't worry you couldn't see him clear for now; I'll tell you what to do. Okay? Look through the scope really careful. Don't wanna mess this up now.'

Through the narrow tube you could barely see a sea of humans streaming in and out buildings and crosswalks. It was Christmas Eve, and you are about to shoot a stranger. In this peak time, in front of of this many people. Fortunately not in broad daylight.

'...a few degrees left, slightly up, and... see him now? The guy's sitting at the bus stop. Now, all that is left to do is to finish this. But, wait, we need to make this look a little more like an unfortunate "accident". I'll make the call.'

The target, still in his thirties, jet black short cropped hair, and a solid jaw, started to search for his cellphone in his black leather briefcase. He found it, and put it up to his left ear. From your position you could not make the most of his complexion, might be because of the light, but you somehow managed to see him mouthing 'Hello?' Of course, there was not any answer.

He had no idea what was coming for him.


You pulled the trigger. Heavier than you thought. The silenced scope gave almost no sound aside from the slight whip from air sliced with a thin blade.

A man fell down from his seat in the bus stop with a loud bang accompanying him. The phone he was holding exploded in his face, now bloody and shattered beyond recognition. The police would need his documents to identify him now. People ducked and moved away, screaming and shouting.
You watch all this from the magnificent view from the 37-story Sendai Trust City tower.

Your first job: completed. Shiver raced down your spine.

Was it because of excitement? Perhaps. Fear? Probably.

The cheery and innocuous old man voice your partner spoke all his dialog in while showing inhuman expressions on his face? Most likely the reason.

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